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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "The training is great, my coach is always monitoring, mentoring and motivating me - during and post sessions. It is like he has an invisible leash and can tug me the moment I show any slack. I really have to justify why I am missing my session... and he is not easily convinced. "

    Shalina Vichitra
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "The moment I walked into the studio, I felt like joining. The studio is much better than the ones I have ever seen"
    My trainer helped me, make my posture right. You can literally have the best experience of your life while doing all the hard work to change your body. Everything is perfect at Fivemore, the people, the music, the ambiance.

    Philippe Swamy
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "Fivemore, my experience began on 13 October 2014. I will say, more than an experience, it's a journey. It's has not been easy, it's not easy, and the journey isn't finished, the goal is still Fivemore whatever away. Maybe the goal does not exist, for the moment, its Fivemore KG, and tomorrow, it will be something else"

    Veronique Narayana Swamy
    Director - BB Voyage
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "I want to thank you for changing my life for good, for giving me so many things and at the same time taking away a few things from me."
    The things which you have given to me, well, it's the new healthy lifestyle which I now live every day, the happiness which I carry around me wherever I go, the energy to carry on hours of shopping without feeling tired.

    Shivani Rattanpal
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "I had been training on my own for a few years now, but after starting my fitness journey at Fivemore, never before did I feel this fit in the mind and body together. Thanks to Fivemore that I have been progressing physically and mentally as well as choosing a healthy lifestyle. Training at Fivemore improves all other areas of our life and we see ourselves getting stronger and more confident, full of energy and vitality. Truly an inspiring place!"

    Akshay Puri
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "Fivemore for Fitness is going to change your idea about working out forever."
    The studio is a never ending stretch of energy field. One look and you'd be grooving with the music, that's the magic this studio carries! It is based on science giving you to be trained by K11 coaches.
    After all, a healthy body keeps mind positive too. If fitness is your mantra, Fivemore for fitness is your destination.

    Freelance Writer - BC Creative Line
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "I walked into this Fitness studio, not by design but ‘by chance’. And the experience here has blown my mind. Just the thought of being here, excites me! It’s loads of fun and one has to push all limits. My Idea of fitness was very different. 3 years back I weighed 108 kilos ..."

    Ram Kumar Kullai
    Vice President ( Sales & Marketing) at Fenesta Building Systems
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "For two years, after the birth of my second child, I struggled to get back in shape. I tried various fitness routines as well as different kinds of diets. Things would go well for a few weeks before it would become difficult to sustain..."

    Saranya Rustagi
    Consumer PR Manager at Microsoft
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "When I joined Fivemore, I expected it to be like my previous experience at other gyms over the years – that I would leave within a month of joining. However, Five more has been an entirely different and unexpected experience for me. I have been going there for almost 4 months ..."

    Vickram Bindra
    CEO at Eyered Transcription Services
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "I walked into Fivemore with a lot of enthusiasm, grit and determination- the sole aim being to lose weight! Little did I realize the importance of not just losing weight but strengthening the body as well. Kudos to Tarun, my personal coach..."

    Shuilu Zutshi Dar
    Talent Acquisition Leader - South Asia - E.I. DuPont India Private Limited
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "When I began my training at Fivemore last November I planned to do it for 3 months only. However, at the end of 3 months the mirror image that I saw in the morning was such an improvement over my pre-training reflection that I thought it wise to continue for another 4 months."

    Lon W McDaniel
    Principal of the Amity Global School (IB/IGCSE) - Amity Global School
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "I have been training with Nishant for almost eight months. He is passionate about fitness (more of a "fanatic" as I call him) and it shows from the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session."

    Saguna Vaid
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "After joining Fivemore, my initial days were quite tough and I soon realised that my body had no stamina. However, my coach ensured that I come here regularly and give my best. In about 2 months, I lost about 3 kg and I started enjoying coming to the studio. The training methodology by my coach is quite systematic and he spends a lot of time explaining me the usefulness of weight training, followed by a diet chart."

    Rakesh Agiwal
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "I'm used to the gyms and the impersonal feel most have, so I set about finding a facility, which was not full of power lifters, people spending hours looking at their physique in the mirror, but a facility that could help me achieve my goals, in a controlled and conductive environment."

    Alex Murphy
    President and Business Head - Fenesta Building Systems
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  • Real People,
    Real Results

    "Last 3 years have been a great experience with Fivemore. It has been an amazing transformation which is now very visible to the people who have now started asking what I am doing to get this huge difference in my fitness and physique."

    Bhupendra Suri
    Vice President - Franchise Bottling Operations - Coca Cola India
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It's time to unbound. For long you had to make do with the ordinary, the just so. Bound by limits that never posed a challenge, or asked questions. Stuck in the rut of convention that never let you break free.
It's time to move on. To be what your body can be. And then, some more.
Fivemore. for fitness A personal training studio like no other. Acutely ocused on you and you alone. Your goals, your determination, your body and our expertise to make it all happen.

Every soul needs a temple...

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Anuj is a Certified Personal Trainer from K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences, Mumbai. He has a sound knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Resistance and Functional Training, and Cardiovascular Regulations. He is a B.Tech degree holder in Automobile sector...