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    fitness responsibility.

    At Fivemore, we are not just focused on creating fit individuals but also creating a fitter community. Driven by our mission of creating an environment that enables fitness wherever people live, work, learn and play... we see our role as that of enablers.


Urban lifestyle has created a context that tries to minimize physical activity. We have lifts to go up, cars to move around, labour-saving devices everywhere we turn. Add to this the nutritional choices that fast food represents and we have an obesity pandemic in the making. The increasing incidence of Lifestyle diseases is but an indicator of this worrying trend.

Fitness Responsibility, or CFR as we like to call it, is built around this simple mantra. Let's start. The only thing stopping us from living a healthier, fitter life is ourselves.

Get up, take a walk. Run up the stairs. Go for a group run. Start morning yoga... We have a truck full of ideas. Soon, we will be featuring our upcoming community initiatives that are sure to enthuse everyone to get going. Together, we will take the first step to creating afitter community. And more.. watch this space.

Meanwhile, you can:

Run up the stairs
Walk to the local market
Eat healthy greens at least once a day
Walk the dog
Start playing a game
Ride a cycle
Create a morning walk group for your local park
Play with your children
Dance to your favourite music

In short, move... and motivate others to join in. Very soon,you would have your own community movement!

From absolute beginners to people looking to break through fitness plateaus, we design plans that achieve maximum results in minimum time.
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