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  • You are important. For you

    Simple to say, difficult to understand. And more difficult to implement.The act of focusing on self. Modern life pulls in contrary directions. All seemingly important things ultimately wreck the body temple. Somehow, you have become the last in your own priority list.


Our mission is simple. Bring you front and center. A single unrelenting focus that slowly but surely peels away the non-essential layers of doubt to reveal the true you...

From absolute beginners to people looking to break through fitness plateaus, we design plans that achieve maximum results in minimum time.

Our personal trainers, in consultation with the Head Coach, create a safe, efficient, personalized plan that meets your unique fitness needs,depending on your Goals and Commitment.

Every personal training session is planned to maximize both results and long-term benefits.These 45-minute sessions are perfect for the busy lifestyles.

Session charges range from Rs. 1550-1850 per session.

Each session is an eclectic mix:TRX, Power plates, standard weights, cardio workouts and kettlebells... a differing set every time to create a unique workout rhythm that your body responds to. Whether it is to burn fat, put on muscle mass, train for a specific sporting activity our Personal Trainers have the experience, methodology, facilities and ultimately, the passion to get you the results you're looking for. Make the call. It's time to take charge of your life, create your very own fitness fable and reinvent yourself in the image of perfection that nature intended you to be. And then, some more.

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Specialised Training
At Fivemore we are committed to custom responses for specific needs. Depending on the context, we offer a number of special interventions.

Rehabilitation: Medical conditions may lead to impaired functioning and even psychological barriers to exercise. We create a systematic work-out regime keeping the medical history and current physiological conditions in mind.

Specific Goal setting counselling: Everybody who enters into a gym has a specific goal in mind: looking more muscular/toned, shed some fat, or to have sport specific training or to become more athletic by improving efficiency. We counsel and create a Goal map with a holistic approach for a better lifestyle. We make sure all the components of fitness like cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, musculoskeletal strength, flexibility and ideal body fat composition are in the mix for optimal results.

Nutritional Guidance: A well thought out diet plan is a critical part of the workout regime. Meal Plans are developed basis the client goal - muscle gain or fat loss - and upon current fitness and health levels (e.g. Diabetes, hyperuricemia, high BP, etc).

Education: The members are constantly educated about the exercises, the WHY and HOW of exercise, so that if they are travelling they would know what to do, how to do and why to do as well as what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.

Result Oriented Approach: The whole approach of Fivemore Personal Training is to work towards the goal in a safer, effective and focused manner for faster results.

From absolute beginners to people looking to break through fitness plateaus, we design plans that achieve maximum results in minimum time.
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